Because the Earth takes care of us, let's take care of the Earth” 

zero waste solutions in the complex of Sweet, Sweet Home.

There are already 7 billion of us in the world and our impact on Earth as a planet is greater than any other of living species. It’s only up to us what will be the fate of our planet. 

Each year we celebrate the Ecological Debt Day earlier and earlier. However, this is not the reason to celebrate, but rather a moment when all the inhabitants of the Blue Planet should reflect… Why? Because this is the day when the level of consumption and use of the Earth’s natural resources exceeds its production capacity for a given calendar year. From the next day, humanity lives „on credit”, because resources have been used up, which should be enough for a whole year. The Ecological Debt Day is earlier every year. This is alarming news for all of us – it’s time to start living more economically and exploit the planet less. 

Environmental organizations warn that if we do not limit consumption and act consciously for the environment, one planet Earth will not be able to meet the needs of all people. The impact of man on natural environment must change not only through the decisions of the rulers, large production companies, but also through the daily choices of each of us. 

Ecological life is a good life. We know it and we will do our best to make our Sweet, Sweet Homes complex as less harmful to the environment as possible, so that they have as low carbon footprint as possible. That is why we are already introducing a number of solutions and projects aimed at operating in accordance with the zero waste trend. 

Electricity is important! LED bulbs save up to 80% of energy with a five-fold increase in light efficiency. In Sweet, Sweet Homes complex, besides LED bulbs, we will buy house hold appliances with the highest energy class. We also thought about modern systems for the production of electricity by placing photovoltaic installations on the roof. 

And the water. Dripping tap is a waste of even 2 liters of water per day. Scientists claim that the growing number of people in the world every year and the changes taking place in the natural environment may result in the fact that in several dozen years the resources of drinking water may run out. We will make sure that water is not wasted by us, we will install aerators to save water consumption. 

Diet is important, too! More plant foods mean more vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts and fewer animal products. We want to pay great attention to the fact that the food is bought from the local producers and without packaging and if it’s impossible at least in large collective packages, preferably glass ones. 

We know that it is impossible not to generate waste. However, their reduction and recycling, of course! Most of the garbage we create takes hundreds of years to decompose. Limiting plastic and one-use packaging is a must. In our Sweet, Sweet Homes complex we will also introduce responsible, selective waste segregation. 

It’s time to act! Steps you can take to care for the planet every day need to be implemented now. „Earth does not belong to man, man belongs to Earth. What ever happens to the Earth, will happen to man” – Seatlle Leader.