„Physical activity helps to achieve good mental health” 

Physical activity helps to achieve good mental health. Exercising not only help us to keep good figure and to keep active but also relies endorphins. Endorphins attach to opioid receptors in central nervous system and they work as pain relief and they improve our mood. Regular exercises relief stress and tension and decrease nervousness. 

We will introduce modern methods of physical activity in Sweet Sweet Home. Relaxing exercises will be available for everyone even for elderly residents without any pressure to break record or competing. We’ll introduce modern form of activity – slow jogging. We employ qualified coaches of this type of activity. We’re inspired by Far East ideology and we’re going to spread this type of activity to help to prevent diseases of affluence. Regular exercises prevent hipocampus neuronal atrophy and dementia. Slow jogging reduces risk of Alzheimer’s disease, diabetics, obesity, hypertension, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. 

We’ve learned about balance from Indian culture and we will teach yoga. People with mental health issues aren’t usually keen on exercises, yoga will be ideal for them to improve their quality of live. It is scientifically proved that out of any other physical exercises yoga improves physical condition and it plays crucial role in therapy of people with mental health issues. 

Smovey exercises are used as supporting therapy for people with Parkinson disease, diabetics, obesity, rheumatism and depression. This revolutionary device from Austria will help in therapy and in healthcare. During exercises with rings appropriate vibrations are created, they influence body and mind.