Question Thinking

Partnership: United States

QuestionThinking - is an easy-to-use system for changes in the way you think, act and achieve results.

Marilee Adams makes us realize how we can control our thoughts through questions. We can consciously influence the future by thinking of the questions that will most effectively lead to the goal. The method improves the ability to listen without making judgments and the ability to thank for suggestions. These are invaluable skills for all coaches, leaders and managers.

Slow jogging

Partnership: Japan

Slow Jogging is a Japanese low-intensity sports workout. In other words, it is running at a very slow pace (jogging), with a smile (the so-called Niko Niko), without feeling tired. During Slow Jogging, you do not feel exhausted or breathe rapidly because the run is below the so-called lactate threshold.

Zero waste

Współpraca: Wielka Brytania

QuestionThinking – „Myślenie Pytaniami” to łatwy do stosowania system służący do zmiany sposobu myślenia, działania oraz osiąganych wyników.

Marilee Adams uświadamia nam, jak za pomocą pytań możemy kontrolować swoje myśli. Możemy świadomie wpływać na przyszłość, obmyślając takie pytania, które najskuteczniej doprowadzą do celu. Metoda doskonali umiejętność słuchania, bez wydawania sądów oraz umiejętność dziękowania za sugestie. Są to umiejętności bezcenne dla wszystkich coachów, liderów i menedżerów.

Social firm

Partnership: United Kingdom

Social firm is a commercial enterprise that works for social goals. It conducts economic activity and the same time set social goals and it invests spurs in action or community. Making a profit for the owners or share holders is not the main goal. Social firm helps socially excluded people find a job.