You can become a builder of our
Sweet, Sweet Home! 

We invite you to visit the construction site.

Utility rooms in the Sweet, Sweet Home

We present a few photos of the Sweet, Sweet Home's utility rooms. It is in this place that kitchen, storage rooms, and other rooms will be created to improve the functioning of the residents and employees of the Home. Everything is created for their pleasant, effective and comfortable work.

Staircase in the Sweet, Sweet Home

A new staircase is under construction, which is adapted to the applicable standards and fire regulations. It will be a free and safe space to move around for all people in the Sweet, Sweet Home.

Sports field in the Sweet, Sweet Home

In our Home, we promote a healthy lifestyle, and thus, we focus on physical activity. We will make sure that our residents spend as much time as possible outdoors. As part of this time, we will make use of the sports field located on the premises. In the future, it will be properly equipped in order to enable the possibility of carrying out various forms of training. It is in this area that we will organize activities including slow jogging, yoga, and smovies.

We present a living room in Sweet, Sweet Home

A space to rest in Sweet, Sweet Home

Sweet, Sweet Home will be waiting for its guests all year round. The staff together with the residents will take care of them to make them feel unique.

Family and loved ones will always be welcome so that the residents can spend time with them. A comfortable and safe space is created that will be equipped with beautiful sofas and armchairs. Designers took care of every detail, including pictures on the wall, bookcases, and surrounding greenery. Our lovely interiors have been designed in such a manner that our residents could feel at home. It is here that you will be able to talk together, read or simply rest and relax.

Renovation and finishing works in Sweet, Sweet Home

Sweet, Sweet Home will be waiting for its members. The construction team makes sure that the walls and ceilings are smooth and even, see for yourself.

We invite you to see the kitchen in the Sweet, Sweet Home

Occupational therapy in the Sweet, Sweet Home

Sweet, Sweet Home is also an occupational therapy, used to develope people with disabilities. This therapy includes many methods and possibilities of working with the residents, we will support them physically, intellectually, and manually. We build rooms in which activities will be conducted, the purpose of which will be to activate participants. Today we present rooms where everyone will fulfill their passions and develop their interests. Joint therapies will also strengthen and build internal values. But the work goes on. An interior was created in which the activities related to the electrical installation were completed, appropriately adapting it to the needs of this place.

Elevation of the building in the Sweet, Sweet Home

The designers of the house take care of every detail. Everything is thought out and carefully planned, both inside and outside the building. In Sweet, Sweet Home, we care about the aesthetics of the building outside by selecting the color of the elevation and insulating the building itself. The thermo-modernization works are aimed not only at reducing the building's energy demand but also, they are protecting the building and additionally adorning the Sweet, Sweet Home outside. 

We invite you to watch the videos.

Bathrooms in Sweet, Sweet Home

The designers of the Sweet, Sweet Home created bathrooms suitable for the needs of future residents. The interiors will be not only elegant, but also comfortable and functional. The bathrooms are designed in a modern style and are completely safe. Every detail plays a huge role here. Unusual interiors are created in which we took care of every small detail. What matters here is the color, size of the tile or appropriate lighting. 

All this just to make you feel at home. In the Sweet, Sweet Home, each resident will be able to take care of hygiene and stay in a pleasant interior surrounded by objects and favorite things. 

Living room in Sweet, Sweet Home

The building is under construction - a unique complex of three Sweet, Sweet Homes is being built. We are currently presenting photos from the construction of the House for people who will stay here temporarily. The residents of this Home will be independent and professionally activated in order to be able to return to the environment and independent life. A lot has already been done, the whole has been properly adapted to the needs of the future residents. The interiors that are created meet all safety standards and rules. The space has been designed with future residents in mind, in accordance with all standards. The space has been designed with future residents in mind, in accordance with all standards, rooms with their own bathrooms, social rooms, kitchen, storage rooms, on-call room. 

Today we present photos of a living room in which finishing works are underway. Electrical and hydraulic works have already been completed there. The walls are plastered and it is planned to start further works. Everything is done to make life in Sweet, Sweet Home pleasant and comfortable.

We present the on-call room.