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We need less than more to the total amount. 

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Generosity is not about giving a lot; it is about giving when the moment is right. This is the moment.

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Sweet, Sweet Home – A unique space for people struggling with mental illnesses

"By helping others you help yourself"

Do you know anyone who is mentally ill? The calculus of probability says yes. You may not even be aware of it. Maybe your neighbor is sick. Maybe a friend from school. Or maybe someone from your close family. We don't know that. We do know that during the worsening of the disease, he or she may need support and care around the clock. Maybe she would even need it for the rest of her life. Mental disorders now account for over 40% of all chronic diseases.

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Robisz zakupy w sieci? Czy wiesz, że możesz jednocześnie pomagać w budowie Wyjątkowego Domu?

Dołączyliśmy do FaniMani. Dołącz i Ty!
Nie poniesiesz żadnych dodatkowych kosztów. To sklep przekaże nam prowizję od Twoich zakupów.

1. Wejdź na stronę 
2. Zainstaluj rozszerzenie, które przypomni Ci o przekazaniu darowizny -  zapłacisz tylko za swoje zakupy.
3. Kiedy wejdziesz na stronę sklepu, który jest partnerem FaniMani, zobaczysz informację o możliwości przekazania darowizny.
4. Kliknij "Aktywuj darowiznę" i to już wszystko.

2 euro / 2 dollars is not a lot of money, is it? For us, it is the "lucky two" because it can become a step towards our goal of creating a Sweet, Sweet Home. You don't need to deposit a lot; give us just 2 euro / 2 dollars. Each payment is one additional brick on our construction site.

It is crucial for us that every person who "passes a brick" (that is, who pays 2 euro / 2 dollars) publishes a post on their Instagram and Facebook. Write "PASS THE BRICK" on a white piece of paper. Take a picture of yourself with this piece of paper and post it on your social media with the hashtag #passthebrick. In the description, you can encourage your friends to join the cause.

In case you are a company/organization/institution, we kindly ask you to post a group photo of your employees on social media. Of course, you can pass on a whole sack of bricks. We encourage you to make a collective contribution for employees - the more "lucky twos", the better! In this way, you will show that the company operates within the framework of responsible business, the so-called CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility, and will convince others to participate in the project.